Using Foreign Words

One reason why I add foreign phrases to my picture books is to welcome readers into a new world or mindset, or to acknowledge the mindset they may already share. (It’s easy to forget that millions of U.S. citizens, for example, speak and dream in both English

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Summer Reading Kick-off

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of performing at the Sacramento Public Library’s kickoff to their summer reading program. Whatever children’s librarian Susan Benson does to get the word out works; she said 6,000 new people signed up for the program in the 3 days leading up

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Jazz Fly Hits the Stage in Queens, NY!

OK, so this isn’t exactly Broadway, or even Off Broadway, but in terms of sheer innocence and joy, this performance is a delight. Months ago, I got an email from teacher Helaine Witt of the Ellington School, P.S. 140 in Queens, NY. She asked if I would

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