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School Assemblies:

“Thank you for putting so much energy into your thrilling performances today! We so enjoyed your storytelling talents, musical abilities, and great multi-language integration into your presentations! You are a rock star!”

—Angelique Lackey, Librarian, North East Independent School District, TX

Our students are still talking about your visit! They loved it so much! It put some pep in everyone’s step for sure!! Thanks for sharing your passion for literature and music with us…it left a lasting impression!”

—Lynda Brewster, Librarian, Paradise Valley Elementary School, Casper, WY

Planning an author assembly for your school? Matthew can help make your event swing! He combines drumming and dynamic storytelling with valuable reading and writing tips–all while sharing the four languages he speaks: English, Spanish, Japanese and jazz!

What goes on at Matthew’s author assemblies? Drum rolls herald thunderstorms as Uncle Snake lights up the sky. A Jazz Fly swings to rhythm and rhyme. Percussion, slides, and a mix languages capture young imaginations. Students come away with a deeper appreciation for other cultures and an energized desire to read and write books. Please email Matthew for availability and fees, or call him toll free at (707) 544-4720 . Never put together an author event? Matthew’s office will be in touch beforehand, and his prep packet will help you pull it off like a pro!

His content aligns with State Education and V.A.P.A. (Visual and Performing Arts) standards. He even encourages young people to spend less time playing video games! And he has loads of experience presenting at dual-language immersion schools.

He offers half-day, 3/4 day and FULL-day school visits consisting of 2, 3 or 4 large assemblies. Depending on the school’s size and scheduling needs, he can also visit classroom’s for Q & A, add on a Family Night or provide creative writing STUDENT WORKSHOPS.


A “thank you cake” served at luncheon with staff

“Many of the teachers commented on how wonderful your presentations were: ‘The best we ever had!’ As you know, we have had many authors and illustrators visit our schools, and your presentations are the best!” 
—Barbara Bundy, Librarian, Foot of Ten School and Charles Longer School, Hollidaysburg, PA

“It was a wonderful two days and our students are still excited! They absolutely loved your presentations and your books are the most requested.”
—Martha Rowland, District Librarian, Sacramento City Unified School District, CA

Says Matthew Gollub:

“Over the years, I’ve visited over a thousand schools and would welcome the opportunity to visit yours. My books feature multicultural themes which I amplify with a big dose of fun, combining language arts, drama, social studies and music. Having lived in other countries and struggled to learn other languages, I take care to communicate with listeners at all levels of English proficiency. As students participate with movements and sounds, my assemblies take on a life of their own. As students cook up plots in my creative writing workshops, they discover that they too have what it takes to write a story.

“For a full-day visit, please schedule a maximum of four 45-minute blocks. A block may consist of an author assembly (usually up to 250 students), a creative writing workshop (up to 30 students or fewer), a creative writing seminar (up to 100 students), or one or two mini-presentations for kindergarten (for several classes apiece). When planning, please think of my presentations as DYNAMIC, HIGH ENERGY PERFORMANCES, not a typical author “talk.” That’s why my assemblies can accommodate such large audiences. Because I put so much energy into my assemblies, I ask that schools observe the limit of four presentation “blocks” per full-day with each 45-minute “block” representing an assembly, writing workshop or series of 5-10 minute classroom visits.

I often am available for half-day visits too, generally when I’m either close to home or in the area for more than one event. Questions or ideas? I can help you plan!”

School Assembly Details:

Please contact Matthew regarding availability and fees, and be sure to indicate your school’s name and location. “Piggy-backing” (scheduling events at nearby locations on the same tour) can save time and money, so consider “sharing” Matthew with other schools in your district. (Matthew is used to arranging the particular details with each school.) You can Matthew’s calendar to see if he will be nearby. For your school to get the greatest return on this investment, students, faculty, and even parents should be prepared. Be sure to receive Matthew’s prep materials, including a library set of his books, well in advance.

Books for school libraries and for signing:

Matthew’s books are available through normal sales channels. He also generally provides books through his company Tortuga Press. For book signing, he sends schools beautiful four-color order forms–in bilingual format (English and Spanish) if desired. Students read more when they have more books at home, so Matthew discounts books to keep them affordable and allows time for signing between or after his talks. He has perfected his book sale system to make life EASY for schools! He ensures the delivery of books and takes away left over stock.

Matthew’s company Tortuga Press also provides books and literacy materials to schools wishing to distribute them “for free.” Ask about bulk discounts, and he will email back with quotes.

Contact Matthew here or call (707) 544-4720.

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