In Person and Online Speaking Events

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“Matthew is an excellent presenter modeling multilingualism, music, creativity, and originality in addition to authoring fun books. He does an awesome job bringing reading joy to the students.
—Louise Pontius, Librarian, Cantú Elementary School, Alton, TX

Keeping students engaged with the world, even when they are stuck at home

Are students in your school fatigued by distance learning? Can they use some extra motivation to read and write more? When classes put an author visit by Matthew Gollub on the calendar, he provides reading lists, lesson plans, vocabulary supplements, even story starters, to encourgage student creativity. Classes are welcome to send him their writing projects electronically, on which he will comment or even respond to by video.

More motivation to read and write. More inspiration for teachers, too! He can also provide books to teachers and even signed books for students. 

Advantages to scheduling an author visit online

Over the years, Matthew has visited over 1,000 schools in person. But, amid the pandemic, he has discovered some advantages to scheduling school and classroom visits by remote: simpler logistics, lower cost, and the ability to more specifically address the needs of smaller groups. His award-winning books and lively presentations resonate with students of all backgrounds. While he sprinkles his storytelling with different languages that he speaks (English, Spanish, Japanese and jazz) he can also provide entire talks in English, Spanish, or both at the same time.

A typical 45-minute virtual presentation consists of:

  • 15-20 minutes of dynamic storytelling and book discussion
  • 15-20 minutes of writing activities, reviewing student writing (if classes wish) or exploring Language Arts connections. (For dual-language immersion programs, such connections may entail English / Spanish cognates to build vocabulary in both languages/)
  • 10 minutes of Q & A

For more details, including availability and costs, please email Matthew through the contact tab on this website.

Traditional, in person author events

Clips of live assemblies by Matthew Gollub, ideas for student author visit activities.

Looking ahead to schedule an in person author event once pandemic restrictions are lifted? Please click on the appropriate link below.









 “A special thanks for the amazing time our students,staff and parents had with you. After waiting for 6 years to see you in person, I was like a kid at Christmas! You are an inspiration. Thanks so much for all you do to encourage kids to be lifelong readers.”
—Judi Jensen, teacher, Carmichael Elementary School, Sierra Vista, AZ

“Your author assemblies are a feast of creativity and entertainment. They are nothing like the way I could read your stories myself. At your core, you are a performer—and worth every penny! I will recommend your program and books enthusiastically!
—Mary Jane Beccaria, Library Assistant, Monte Vista Elementary School, Rohnert Park, CA

“Again, we thank you for the FANTASTIC author assemblies! We hope you enjoy this sampling of letters from each grade level. All students wanted to have their letters included, but it would have made this book HUGE! Now everyone’s an author.”
—Harmony Gooch, 6th grade teacher, Wright Elementary School, Santa Rosa, CA

“I have been teaching twenty-five years. I have heard lots of authors, and you are BY FAR the best presenter I’ve heard!”
—Nancy Aiona, 2nd grade teacher, Evergreen Elementary School, Rohnert Park, CA

“You not only showed our students that learning is fun. You showed them that it’s fun to be an adult!”  —Shane Lee, Principal, Coyote Valley Elementary School, Middletown, CA

I have heard lots of authors, and you are BY FAR the best presenter I’ve heard!”
—Nancy Aiona, 2nd grade teacher, Evergreen Elementary School, Rohnert Park, CA

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