Life-size oni on rear wall. Child-size oni seated on floor.

Teaching parents about the benefits of reading aloud to their children at home?

Show them this fun video!
(Ideal for Spanish-speakers)

Greetings, Teachers! Matthew has a collection of articles and lesson plans below. Spread the love reading customs and help students get the most of his award-winning books!

Planning assemblies, a conference or a family reading night?

Matthew has the experience to make your event swing! He combines humor, practical insights, storytelling and drumming to thoroughly engage audiences of all backgrounds and ages. Just click for information about his author assemblies or for his bilingual family literacy events or give his office a call at (707) 544-4720.

“Thank you again for making reading fun, exciting and special to so many children and helping teachers and parents pass along your enthusiasm and ideas.”
–Sandy Lattemore, Library assistant, Richvale School, Richvale, CA