How to Raise a Reader- 5 Helpful Tips

How to Raise a Reader- 5 Helpful Tips

1) Place books, not a TV or video game in your child’s room; children consume less electronic media when screens are in central locations in the home.

2) Select closed captions on your TV so that your child will have added exposure to written words as they float across the screen.

3) Make reading aloud your family entertainment–take turns reading passages from novels or short stories, etc.

4) Keep a reading log of every book your child reads or hears. For example, “The Jazz Fly, by Matthew Gollub, 32 pages.” Kids love seeing the pages add up. Every time you log 1,000 pages, celebrate with a special outing or treat!

5) For older kids, clip newspaper articles of interest to them. Plant the articles on the floor in front of the refrigerator or in the almighty bathroom!

As we read more, we know more and live healthier, wealthier lives. It’s never too early or too late to start.

(Editor’s note: An award-winning children’s author and musician, Matthew Gollub has created 14 children’s books and has performed at over 800 elementary schools. For more tips on raising readers, please visit )

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