Help Spanish Speakers Build English Vocabulary

Help Spanish Speakers Build English Vocabulary

Spanish speakers are in the position to quickly and easily attain English vocabulary. At least 40% of English words share Latin cognates. Below are sophisticated English words closely related to common Spanish expressions. Try introducing one or two a day. You’ll not only boost your students’ vocabulary; you’ll train them to look for “handles” on words based on what they already know!

And watch out! Not all words that look related mean the same thing in English and Spanish. Explain to your students that there are certain false cognates or “amigos falsos.” Here’s a list of a few of the common ones.

Spanish word English meaning
Asistir Attend, not “assist”
Carpeta Folder, not “carpet”
Desgracia Misfortunate, not “disgrace”
Discutir To argue, not “discuss” (especially in Mexico)
Embarazada Pregnant, not “embarrassed”
Guardar To put away, not “to guard”

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