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Give the Gift! 10 Fulfilling Ways to Raise a Lifetime Reader


10 Fulfilling Ways to Raise a Lifetime Reader

Hardcover $12.00  ISBN: 978-1-998819-41-3
Paperback $6.95  ISBN: 978-1-889910-420

Written by Matthew Gollub
Illustrated by Larry Nolte

A resource for parents that children enjoy, too!
Full color. 32 pages.
Published by Tortuga Press

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Awards and Distinctions:

*NAPPA Gold Award Winner

(National Parenting Publications Awards)

National Best Books Finalist (USA Book News), Parenting/Family Category

What Others Say:

“If government really wanted to ensure no child was ‘left behind,’ they first would give this book to as many parents as they find. It’s a great, yet simple, literacy tool.”
—Jim Trelease, author of The Read-Aloud Handbook (2 million copies sold)

“What a splendid concept! It is correct to focus on adult behavior as crucial for establishing reading as a pleasure. I loved the simple yet ever varied family portrayals. There is real merit in the theme and execution.”
—Gary Barth, M.D.

“All parents at some level are engaged in home schooling. We love this book. Follow the ’10 Fulfilling Ways ‘ and lay the groundwork for your child’s success in life!
–Rebecca Kochenderfer, Senior Editor of

“This book should be read by children and parents together. The combination of text and cartoons makes it ideal for even the youngest reader. The book covers almost every aspect of reading and related activities. Parents will be amazed at the statistics included.”
—Jan Lieberman, retired librarian, Santa Clara Public Library, CA

“Hooray! An accessible book on how, why, and when to read with your child. Let’s get it into the hands of parents across the country!”
—Valerie Lewis , owner of Hicklebee’s, Children’s Literature TV commentator

“I have just read your book, Give the Gift! Thank you so much for all of your books, but especially for Give the Gift , which will definitely change lives.”
—Suzanne Hunter , Librarian, Lawrence Elementary and Middle Schools, CA

“Thank you for sending the copy of your new book-it’s great. Everyone who looked at it loved the ‘comic strip’ format. This will be so wonderful to share with our parents. Thanks again.”
—Kathy Johnston, Parent Outreach, Palmdale Unified School District , CA

“This lively guide to literacy, with its family-friendly illustrations and sensible, straightforward language, is chock full of ideas for getting your child’s attention, encouraging reading, and modeling behavior which benefits kids at all stages of their development.”
—Kaye Exo, Grandma’s Book Letter (a blog at


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